Services We Provide

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Daily living

We provide assistance with household tasks, decision making, personal care, preparation of meals and assistance with supervising tasks of daily life in independent living or shared living environment.

Domestic Activities
Domestic Activities

Assistance with domestic activities such as cooking, cleaning, yard maintenance and laundry is provided. Support workers will assist you in domestic tasks so that you live an easier life!

Personal Care:

Our trained staff provides assistance with showering and bathing. We work with high care clients as well, so our staff is trained in PEG feeding and using different hoists. With us, you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

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Social Activities/Community Participation

We provide assistance to participate in the community and take part in social activities of your liking. We want you to be an active member of the society and live life to the fullest.

Accessing Consumables
Accessing Consumables

Consumables is an NDIS core supports category that helps cover the cost of everyday items and services that empower the participant to lead an independent life. These could include things such as:
• Interpreting and translation devices
• Continence items, such as nappies and pull-ups etc

Mental Health

We are experienced in working with clients from an extensive range of mental health challenges and varying levels of complexities. We meet with clients wherever they are in their journey and support them with their NDIA goals and personal aspirations. We also provide individualized support which best meets the person’s specific needs.

Development of life skills
Development of Life Skills

We want our participants to live life to the fullest. That is why we offer Developmental Programs, Personal Training, assistance with travelling and other such services.

Accessing Transport
Accessing/Training in Transport

This category helps cover transport costs associated with specialised schooling or education programs, reaching your place of employment or participating in other community or recreational activities. We also train our participants in different transport modes so they can live an independent life.

interpretation and translation
Interpretation & Translation

This service is intended for persons who due to their disability need interpreting.

Purchasing Every Day items

We understand the need for support in shopping for necessities and our team will make sure you have that support!

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