HiFive Community Services

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Hi Five Community Service Believes in:

  • Enabling our clients in achieving their individual goals.
  • Empowering our clients to become contributing members of the community.
  • Creating a friendly and nurturing environment where the carer’s and our client’s families can collaborate.
  • Being a compliant, effective and accountable organization.

Our Vision

Giving you what you deserve and desire, is our aim. We treat all people with dignity, sensitivity and courtesy. We support you to give you full choice and control. We enable you of your rights and enable you to participate in social community events. We are driven by our vision and are extremely passionate about our work.

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We can support you with

Daily Living

Personal Care

Social activities participation

Purchasing everyday items yourself

Interpret and translate your medical bills

Success Stories

Our visually impaired client playing Turkish sitaar beautifully.


Complaints And Compliments

Povide your valuable feedback about Hi Five Community Care and help us improve it and meet your expecatations. 

Daily Living

NDIS Approved

Assistance with household tasks, decision making, personal care, preparationof meals and assistance with supervising tasks of daily life in independent living or shared living environment.

Personal Care

NDIS Approved

Our trained staff provides assistance with showering and bathing. We work with high care clients as well, so our staff is trained in PEG feeding and using different hoists. With us, we assure you that you are in safe hands.

Social Participation

NDIS Approved

Assistance to participate in the community and take part in social activities of your liking. We want you to be an active member of the society and live life to the fullest.

Purchase Everyday

NDIS Approved

Shopping is hellish for disabled people – augmented reality could be the fix

Translate Your Bills

NDIS Approved

The interpreter service is intended for persons who due to their disability need interpreting.